Teamsters Local 830 Employee Benefit Funds
Serving our Members and their Families Since 1953
Teamsters Local 830 Employee Benefit Funds

Serving our Members and their Families Since 1953

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Teamsters Local 830 jointly sponsors a number of benefit programs to meet the needs of its members and their families including the following:

  • The Teamsters Local 830 Health & Welfare Fund offers a variety of benefit plans to help members meet the financial burdens associated with healthcare including medical, prescription drug, dental and vision plans as well as life insurance and disability coverage.
  • The Teamsters Local 830 Pension Fund and Teamsters Local 830 Retirement Savings Plan offer varying approaches to achieving financial security during your retirement years.
  • The Teamsters Local 830 Legal Services Plan provides low-cost access to quality legal representation in everyday matters.
  • The Teamsters Local 830 Scholarship Fund offers an opportunity to offset the substantial costs of higher education for children of our members who have demonstrated academic excellence.

Not all members participate in all programs offered.  To identify the programs in which you participate, please consult your collective bargaining agreement or call the Union or Fund Office during normal business hours.


In or around 1953, the Health & Welfare Fund (and the Fund Office) was established to assist members in paying medical expenses.  The scope of coverage offered has grown considerably since these early days so that today our members enjoy one of the most comprehensive health benefits packages in the region.

In 1963 the Pension Fund was established to provide a source of retirement income for members and their spouses.  In those early days a monthly benefit of $100 was common.  Some 50 years later, typical monthly pension benefits range from $1,500 to $3,000.

In 1974 the Severance Trust Fund was extablished to meet the immediate financial needs of terminated employees.  However, as laws changed, the Plan came to be viewed as a source of supplemental retirement benefits.  Today, many participants have the opportunity to contribute a portion of their own income in the form of 401 (k) contributions to the Plan.  To more accurately reflect its present purpose, the name of the Plan was changed in 2000 to the Retirement Savings Plan.

In 1977, the Scholarship Fund began providing financial assistance to the deserving children of Teamsters Local 830 members wishing to pursue a post-secondary education.  Through 2013, the Fund had awarded 329 scholarships at a value of approximately $2.7 million.

In 1979, the Legal Services Plan was established to provide members with legal representation in connection with a variety of everyday matters.  In the late 1980s the Plan was merged into the Health & Welfare Fund for tax purposes and continues to be a very popular benefit for employees and their families.

The size of the Fund Office staff has varied over the years based upon need.  At present, eleven staff members assist the Administrator in conducting all business related to the administration of the various benefit plans.  A primary function of the staff is to assist members in using the benefit programs in the most beneficial way.  Consequently, much of the staff’s time is spent interpreting coverage and assisting members with claims.  In the case of health benefits, the staff often acts as liaison between member and insurers in resolving their claims issues.

Another important function of the Fund Office is to collect fringe benefit contributions from employers pursuant to their collective bargaining agreements with Teamsters Local 830.  These contributions are used to fund the various benefit programs.  The staff provides internal banking, accounting and record keeping functions, pays insurance premiums or makes claims payments to various providers.  It also processes applications for benefits from the Pension and Retirement Savings Plans and arranges for benefit payments to be made from these Plans, either internally or through an external service provider.  In the case of the Scholarship Fund, the staff coordinates the application process and makes payments to the various institutions attended by scholarship award recipients.

The Boards of Trustees of the various Funds encourage you to contact the Fund Office for assistance with any benefits related issues.


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