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Teamsters Local 830 Retirement Savings Plan

The Teamsters Local 830 Retirement Savings Plan is designed to provide you and your family with retirement security after you stop working. Your retirement savings plan, along with your pension, Social Security, and other retirement programs, and your personal savings, helps provide you with the strong financial foundation you need to maintain your standard of living during retirement.

Access to Your Account

To access your retirement account please visit the website at You can also obtain information on your account through our Voice Response system by dialing 1-800-530-1272 (toll free). We strongly encourage you to log into the website to make full use of all the tools and resources available, including the ability to view your current and historical investment information.

Accessing your account through the secure website: Just go to You’ll see the BPAS University home page. We encourage you to spend a few minutes exploring some of the great tools and links in BPAS U to learn more about saving for your financial future. When you’re ready, navigate to Account Login and choose Retirement Plan, and then Set Up Your Online Account.  Follow the on-screen prompts to establish your retirement account and create a user ID, password, and security questions/answers. Note: you’ll be prompted to enter a 10-character plan code. We sent the plan code in a letter mailed to your home address when you became eligible for the plan. If you need help with the Plan Code, please contact HR or call BPAS Participant Services at 1-866-401-5272.

Accessing your account through the Voice Response System (VRU)You can access the BPAS VRU by calling 1?800?530?1272. When prompted, enter your Social Security and Personal Identification Numbers (PIN). Initially, your PIN is the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. Please Note: We strongly urge you to change this assigned PIN as soon as possible. Your PIN is confidential and protects the security of your account. You may change your PIN at any time to a 4 digit number of your choice. Select. Your PIN change will be effective immediately.

The Path to Retirement

When the time comes and you are ready to retire, you must file a complete application with the Plan Office to receive payment of your benefits. You may request an application from the Plan office via telephone or email.

Other Information

If you experience certain financial hardships, you may be able to receive a distribution from your account.

You must notify the Fund Office in writing if you Change your Address, get Married or Divorce, or if Your Spouse Dies.

Employee Trustees Daniel H. Grace Secretary/Treasurer Teamsters Local Union No. 830 12298 Townsend Road Philadelphia, PA 19154 Susanne T. Deluisi Trustee Teamsters Local Union No. 830 12298 Townsend Road Philadelphia, PA  19154   Jack O'Rourke Recording Secretary Teamsters Local Union No.
Fund Administrator Samuel J. Kenish, CEBS Teamsters Local 830 Retirement Savings Plan 12298 Townsend Road Philadelphia, PA 19154 Legal Counsel Joseph T. Cleary, ESQ. William T. Josem, ESQ. Cleary, Josem & Trigiani, LLP Constitution Place Suite 200 325 Chesnut Street Philadelphia, PA 19106 Frank C.
Plan Document Plan Document (File size - 191 K) Teamsters Local 830 Retirement Savings Plan Effective January 1, 2009 IMPORTANT: The Plan Amendments listed below contain references to information that has been updated in the Official Plan document since the effective date of the Official Plan document.
Application Forms Due to the complexity of the application process we are unable to make applications for this Plan available online.  You may request an application from the Fund Office via telephone or email. Tax Forms Tax forms are only required at the time application for a benefit is made and are included with the appropriate application package.

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